• Trout ceviche, lemon slice, chillies, pickling liquid

    Juniper & Sage Trout Ceviche

    This trout ceviche is deliciously vibrant and fresh, with the hints of pine from the Juniper & Sage brings out the very best of the trout – leaving you with a deliciously flakey, and rich, party in your mouth. To...

  • Cubano sandwich

    The Cuban Sandwich

    The Cuban Sandwich, also known as a Cubano, traces its history back to the homeland of Cuba. It evolved as a popular lunch food for workers in the late 1800s Havana and latterly Key West. It gained popularity among the...

  • Pickled Hot Cross Buns

    Our resident master baker, Temi, has conjured up what we presume is the first ever pickled hot cross buns, with some fabulously plump Spiced Apple raisins, which pair absolutely sensationally with the tangy orange.

    Full recipe here
  • Zupa Ogórkova – Pickle Soup

    A hearty classic from Eastern Europe. Known in Polish as Zupa Ogórkowa, this delicious and flavourful dish involves simmering broth with either chicken or vegetable stock and grated or diced pickles diced pickles, carrots, potatoes...

    Full recipe here
  • Pickled Pineapple & Pork Tacos

    This recipe is so succulent giving you an array of flavours with each bite. The fresh, zesty citrus flavours, sweetness from the pineapple and peppery pickled onion makes for a delicious symphony of flavours. The Scotch Bonnet...

    Full recipe here