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Sylt Pickling Liquids

At Sylt Pickling we have years of experience and a genuine passion for what we do. Pickling is a centuries old tradition and that is reflected in our range of artisan pickling liquids – which combines this ancient craft with new and exciting flavour combinations. Pickling is the perfect way to preserve food and vegetables, it's healthy and reduces waste but if you choose a quality flavoured pickling liquid it allows you to create a truly delicious pickle. Once you have selected your pickle vinegar the possibilities are so wide and varied. You can quickly and simply create something genuinely special.

Whether you are a home cook creating something delicious for yourself, friends and family or a commercial kitchen looking to add some wow factor to your menu the range of different pickling liquids is sure to fire your imagination, all the while making the process of pickling easier than ever!

Scotch Bonnet & Lemon

Calling all lovers of spice. This sneaky little thing might look innocent, but under the bonnet you will find a rather potent blend of delicious scotch bonnet chillies, beautifully paired with refreshing lemon. Not one for the faint hearted, pairing suggestions include pineapple, asparagus and, not to forget, other chillies, and the finished pickle is a marvellous way of spicing up any meal.

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Juniper & Sage

With the idea being born while foraging deep in the Norwegian wilderness, this was created with the flavours of the forest in mind. Cabbage, mushroom, blackcurrant and shallots are all mouth-watering pickling subjects, and the finished pickle will be particularly tasty combined with absolutely delicious with wild game, wild mushroom, duck and fish.

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Spiced Apple, Cinnamon & Cardamom

Arguably the boldest of the lot. Bursting with deep notes of cinnamon and cardamom, this is a different take on the art of pickling as it is as good a pairing with sweet foods as it is with savoury. Pairing excellently with apple, mango, pineapple and pumpkin, the versatility of this one is second to none and your finished pickle can be paired with anything from curries to ice cream (yes, really).

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Balsamico & Basil

Our very own Italian stallion. This flavour is designed will all things Italian food in mind. The rich, slightly sweet, tangy balsamic and the peppery basil is a combination that needs no further introduction. Particularly delicious paired with fennel, try including that in your next salami ciabatta – you can thank us later.

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