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It's picklin' what?

It’s pickling liquid. The sweet n’ sourest invention around. Our super tasty vinegar-based brine will have you pickle-proud in no time.

Our mission

Put simply, to make pickling food as fun as eating it. Put non-simply, er... we'll need another page.

About us

We're Sylt. The pickling liquid company with years of experience and jars of passion. We're bringing something fresh to the old school tradition of pickling with our range of unique and delicious flavours.

Using pickling vinegar is the perfect way to preserve food. It's healthy, it's convenient, and it reduces waste. But even better still, a quality flavoured pickling liquid can make a truly special pickle. In fact, the flavour combos are endless.

Whether you're rustling up something quick for the family, showing friends your creative flair or designing a gastro experience for one — We've got you covered. Our range of artisan pickling vinegar will add some powwow to any dish and fire up your imagination. It's picklin' good fun.

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  • Pickling through the seasons

    Why are we so obsessed with pickling? Well, it's one of the only culinary practices that transcends seasons. So if you pickle your veggies, you can enjoy them whatever the weather. We all know that pickles bring the flavour to...

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    Pickling is a technique used worldwide, integral to many national cuisines. It not only extends the shelf life of foods but also enhances flavours, contributing unique tastes and textures to meals

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