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A guide to spiced pickling vinegar

In the culinary world, pickling is an age-old technique that transcends cultures and continents. But it's also a tasty way to preserve and enhance the flavours of your veggies. While there's 101 ways to pickle, spiced pickling vinegar stands out for its ability to infuse vegetables with complex, robust flavours.

Today, we'll delve into the art of spiced pickling. Giving you some new ways to use our  Scotch Bonnet & Lemon, Spiced Apple with Cinnamon and Cardamom, and Dill & Mustard pickling liquids. Whatever you go for, we promise rich, nuanced flavours. So, let's get started.  

Scotch Bonnet & Lemon Pickling Liquid

This concoction is a fiery blend that marries the intense heat of Scotch Bonnet peppers with the zesty freshness of lemon. Mmm... zingy. This pickling liquid is perfect for those who appreciate a spicy kick in their pickled vegetables. The heat from the Scotch Bonnet peppers is beautifully balanced with the acidity of the vinegar and the citrusy notes of lemon. We recommend pickling carrots, cucumbers, and radishes to add a spicy, tangy twist to tacos, sandwiches, and salads.

Dill & Mustard Pickling Liquid

Next up, Dill & Mustard brings a classic flavour combination to the table. Dill, with its fresh, slightly anise-like taste, and mustard, known for its rich heat & tangy sharpness, create a pickling liquid that's both aromatic and invigorating. If you're after a traditional pickle, try pickling cucumbers. Feeling a little experimental? This liquid works wonderfully with green beans, asparagus, and cauliflower. The results will speak for themselves — perfect as a snack, a side dish, or a flavourful addition to salads and sandwiches.

Spiced Apple with Cinnamon and Cardamom Pickling Liquid

For a sweeter pickling experience, Spiced Apple with Cinnamon and Cardamom offers a warm, aromatic blend reminiscent of autumnal flavours. This liquid combines the sweetness of apples with the spicy depth of cinnamon and the exotic, floral hints of cardamom. It's an ideal choice for pickling fruits like pears and apples. You could also go for veggies that pair well with sweet and spicy flavours, like beets and red onions. Your finished pickles will complement cheese platters, pork dishes. Or serve it as a unique dessert topping. Why not?

The art of pickling with spiced vinegar

It might sound complicated but, it's simple and rewarding. We promise. 

1. Start by choosing fresh, high-quality vegetables. Wash and cut them as desired, then sterilise your jars (we cannot stress this enough).

2. Warm the pickling liquid gently—this helps to intensify the flavours—before pouring it over your prepared vegetables in the jars.

3. Seal the jars and let them sit for at least a few days to allow the flavours to meld. The longer you let them pickle, the more pronounced the flavours will become.

Whatever you choose, get ready for a culinary adventure. 


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