About Sylt

pickle jars and sylt logo

Sylt’s mission is twofold. Firstly, we want to make pickling at home easier than it’s ever been. Making the vinegar-based pickling brine is the most time-consuming aspect of pickling. So we figured eliminating this step would significantly speed up the process. Now, all you need to pickle at home is the desired produce and your choice of Sylt Original Pickling Liquid. Chop up your pickling subjects and submerge in your choice of Sylt pickling brine. It’s as simple as it is delicious.

Secondly, we hope to open your eyes to the almost endless possibilities that pickling provides. The selection of pickled goods on offer in UK is relatively limited and often lacking in quality. We therefore wanted to develop flavours that not only lent themselves to traditional pickling subjects, like cucumber and onion, but also less common ones, like pineapple, plums and asparagus. We highly encourage experimentation, but click here to see some of our favourite pairing suggestions.