Pickled pineapple pina colada recipe

pickled pineapple pina colada

(AKA The Pickle Colada)

Why this recipe works

If you’re a pickle lover who also yearns for the tropical flavours of a fruity cocktail to make you feel you're wandering along the beach of an unspecified island paradise, then this pickle colada will most certainly hit the spot! Just six simple ingredients make up this boozy beverage and combine to create a true taste party in your mouth. Simply pre prepare some juicy pineapple chunks pickled with our spicy Scotch Bonnet & Lemon pickling vinegar, then shake the liquid ingredients together until optimal froth is achieved and serve! This beverage will make all hours happy hours and is easy enough to make a single serving for yourself or a whole batch for a pickle party, the choice is yours. 

The stars of the show

Pickled stuff

Pickling produce: 1 Pineapple

Sylt Pickling Liquid: 1 jar of Scotch Bonnet & Lemon

The obvious pickling subject for a piña colada inspired beverage is pineapple. Sweet and juicy it contrasts excellently with the tart pickling brine and is supple enough to absorb the flavourings quickly. The sweetness helps calm the spice to allow just the right level of kick whilst maintaining the summery feel.

Our Scotch Bonnet & Lemon pickling brine adds an element of heat to this cooling cocktail. It balances out the sweetness whilst adding some extra freshness with a citrusy lemon element. If you like spice you’ll appreciate the lingering tingle each sip brings when using this fiery brine. 


Ingredient list

  • Pineapple chunks pickled in Sylt Scotch Bonnet & Lemon pickling liquid
  • 1 measure of rum
  • 1 measure of triple sec
  • 4 measures of pineapple juice
  • A generous dash of your scotch bonnet pineapple pickling liquid
  • A healthy squeeze of lime juice (reserving one slice)


    1. Add all the liquid ingredients and some ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and sake vigorously 
    2. Pour half into your glass and shake the other half (to create that good foam action)
    3. Garnish with a slice of lime and your pickled pineapple on a cocktail stick for dunking
    4. Enjoy the party in your mouth!


    How long should I pickle my produce for? 

    Let your veggies pickle for at least 3 hours to allow the pickling vinegar flavouring to be absorbed into the produce. If you have enough time however, it would be preferable to leave your pickling subjects for a few days for best results!

    How can I prepare my pineapple pickle piña colada ahead of time?

    This cocktail can easily be made ahead of time. Simply keep the pineapple chunks pickling until they are required as this will only strengthen their flavour! Shake up the rest of the ingredients beforehand and transfer to a large jug with cling film on top and place in the fridge until you’re ready to drink. To serve, pour into glasses reserving half of your mixture to shake up again and create the frothy texture on top. Layer on top of each glass serving. Pop your pineapple chunks onto some tooth picks and place on top. 


    For extra frothiness, add a coupe of ice cubes to your reserved second half of your cocktail before shaking. You can also help this by sectioning out your mixture and shaking individually for each glass.