By Xanthe Steer

8 ways to cook with your leftover pickle liquid 

As many pickleheads will know, Sylt pickling liquid is made from a base of vinegar then creatively flavoured to give the distinctive tastes you know and love. But what you may not know is that this acidic base from the vinegar gives our pickling liquid specific qualities which makes it a super versatile and delicious ingredient beyond just pickling. 

Sylt pickling brine has the added benefit of their bespoke flavour combos which can add character to your dishes whilst helping you make the most of your pickle product! We love to mix flavours and dishes to come up with new variations and pairings, so be sure to save your pickling liquid for next time you're whipping up a dip, marinade sauce or salad. 

Be warned, after reading this it might be harder to wait for your pickling veggies before stealing some of that precious brine for your culinary creations. 

1. Use it in a batter

This is a simple way to add flavour to your fried food. When making your batter simply add a splash of pickling brine to your wet batter to add some tartness to the mix. Use our scotch bonnet for spicy fried chicken wings or Chinese five spice for some fried battered tofu. 

2. Add it to your marinade 

If you don’t already add vinegar to your marinade then you should definitely start. Its acidity will break down the food's surface slightly to help it soak up more of the flavourings and absorb them to deeper layers. Using the pickle juice from your old Sylt jars will offer the same acidity plus some extra flavourings, you can even add some pickled produce in the marinade. We love to use the Juniper and sage flavour for marinating chicken for a roast dinner.

3. Make the perfect dip 

Many of the dips you already dunk your chips in contain vinegar. So why not use it in your homemade dips as well. Its antimicrobial properties help it to last longer whilst its tartness cuts through fats to balance out the flavourings. Using Sylt pickling liquid is great for dips as it you can use the same base ingredients but switch up the pickling flavours so it feels like something new each time. 

4. Salad dressing

Many people know the formula whether they are conscious or not. Acid + fat + sweetener = ONE WAY TICKET TO FLAVOURTOWN (in the form of a perfect vinaigrette salad dressing). Well Sylt pickling liquid covers two of those bases to speed up your salad making and get more chill time from your precious wfh lunch hour. 

5. Sylt for your spuds

Anyone who hasn’t used vinegar for their potatoes yet needs to listen up. A quick spritz over your roasties will have them coming out golden brown and crispy. Add them to boiling potatoes to form a protective layer which prevents them breaking up. And finally soak them in vinegar water to draw the starch out for a crispier result. Vinegar will become your secret tool for your taters.

Pro tip: funnel your Sylt pickling liquid into a squeezable bottle for more controlled application. 

6. Malt vinegar rye bread

For all the home bread making buffs pickling brine could be your new best friend. Its acidic vinegar base tackles the starch and protein to produce a fluffier and softer result whilst adding a subtle tartness that’ll give your morning toast a kick. Try it with our Spiced apple & Cardamom flavour and spread some jam over the final product for a unique sweet & sour combo that will have you going back for a second slice. 

7. Save for sauces 

Whether you use it for a dumpling dipping sauce or add it to your Italian arrabbiata, the vinegar in pickling brine adds another dimension to sauces to give it a subtle tang without taking over the dish. Mix in some sweetness with brown sugar or honey and you’ve got the perfect flavour balance. I would suggest saving your Juniper & sage flavour for meat sauces and gravies (venison is a favourite here at pickle HQ), and your Chinese five spice for those oriental sauces. Mustard & Dill for creamy white sauces, Apple & cardamom for sweet sauces and scotch bonnet for those with a rich tomato base.

8. Simply use it as vinegar

Simple but sometimes forgotten. Pickling brine can be a great ingredient on its own. It has a vinegar taste plus the Sylt flavour which elevates its role in your dish. Splash it over your chips for Friday fish and chips or use it to flavour some homemade crisps for that classic salt and vinegar fix. 

Now you know that these vinegar based pickling liquids offer a useful and often vital culinary tool for our kitchen pantries. So next time you finish off your last crunchy pickle snack, think twice before discarding the leftover pickle juice!


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