By Xanthe Steer

17 ways to reuse your Sylt Pickling jars

Here at Sylt, we’re all about minimising waste and maximising sustainability. One of our favourite things about pickling is that it preserves food for longer, preventing it from going off and helping people to waste less of it. But it doesn’t stop there. We’d love our picklers to take this attitude for all aspects of our product whether it be our fully recyclable packaging or our easily reusable pickling jars!

How can you reuse these pickle jars you ask? Well we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of ways you can repurpose these handy containers to extend their lifespan and further justify your Sylt pickling habits!

  1. Breakfast on the go

These empty glass jars make the perfect storage container for your overnight oats. Better than a Tupperware container – with no risk of leaking. Just pop your ingredients in before bed, submerge with milk and refrigerate overnight. It will be good to go in the morning and can be taken with you to work or school. 

  1. Make into a light (crafts)

Got a set of fairy lights you haven’t been using? Do they get tangled and misplaced the second you take them out? Stick them into one of Sylt’s empty glass pickling jars to quickly create a pretty bedside lamp which behaves better than chaotic wires scattered across your room. 

  1. Store grains and cereals

Use your empty pickle jars to store dry food like pasta, rice and grains. Even better, take them to a zero waste store and skip the packaging altogether. Much better for the environment and looks a lot better displayed on your kitchen counter!

  1. Pickle again!

This one is obvious – use these jars for what they were made for, more pickling! You can even reuse the pickling liquid inside them if you want. We recommend using this liquid twice before switching the brine out for a fresh batch. Chop up some more veggies, then submerge in the original brine you’ve just used. Leave them to soak up all the yummy flavours and enjoy! 

  1. Fermentation

These handy airtight containers are great for food fermentation, whether it be to top up your kimchi supply or store your sourdough starter. The anaerobic environment these pickling jars create make them the perfect fit for food fermentation, and their glass material ensures that no BPA chemicals can enter. 

  1. Store spices & dried herbs

Like with your grains and other dry food, you can also store spices in these versatile jars. Perfect for anyone who loves their spices and gets through the mini shakers too quickly – we think the aesthetic is nicer too. You can even mix together a spice combo you particularly like to instantly have on hand in these jars whenever you need!

  1. Leftovers

Jars are a great alternative to Tupperware when you want to store leftover food to eat later. Particularly food which is more liquified or in small quantities. The height of the jar and small base makes it much easier to pack in the fridge without taking up too much space and the screw on lid ensures nothing can spill out when you want to bring the food out with you.

  1. Salad dressing 

Glass jars are great for making salad dressings as you can add your ingredients, shake them up and store them all in the same container. Batch makes a dressing at the start of the week then uses it throughout for some delicious quick salads.

  1. Salad jar

Similarly, use these jars to prepare the whole salad  without it going soggy. Make your dressing at the bottom (but don’t shake yet). Then add your ingredients in layers, saving the lettuce leaves until last to protect them from the wet dressing. Add the lid and refrigerate until serving. When you’re ready to eat, simply flip the jar and shake the contents out to give you a beautiful fresh salad which can be transported anywhere hassle free. 

  1. Make super frothy coffee

Have you ever made frothy coffee without a whisk? Well you can with your old pickling jars. Add your coffee, a shot of boiling water, some sugar and one large ice cube to a jar then seal and shake! In just a few moments you’ll come out with a frothed up mixture of pure foam to add to your coffee. Add some milk, cold brew and extra ice cubes to this for the perfect barista standard iced cappuccino. 

  1. Easy cocktails 

From frothy coffees to cocktails, why not use your sealed jars as a cocktail shaker. Add your ingredients with some ice and shake well. Then add more ice, garnishes and a straw to serve straight from these cute little jars! The perfect and fun, yet affordable cocktail glasses for dinner parties, pres and get togethers.

  1. Prep cakes

If you like to make cakes but don’t like to make the effort, then these jars are a great way to prep your ingredients for quick single portion cake mixtures. Mix your dry ingredients first, then before you move on, split the mixture by the recommended serving suggestions and place into different jars. Now whenever you want to make a quick treat you can add your eggs and milk, replace the lid and shake. Transfer to a muffin tin and bake for a perfect speedy cupcake every time without committing to eating a full batch that week. 

  1. Candle holders

Make these pickling jars into mini lanterns by removing the lid and adding tealights. You could leave them like this or add patterns to the outside with coloured permanent markers to create a colourful light show around them. Perfect for indoor mood lighting or adding enchantment to your garden or terrace.

  1. Plant cuttings

Want to multiply your herb and veggie shop? Simply take a clipping of your favourite herbs and place them in your jars with some water. Wait for them to sprout roots and pot them for a whole new plant to form. Many herbs will propagate like this in a jar of water including basil, sage, time and mint. 

  1. Vase

You could also use these little jars as mini vases to keep as decorative table placements. Cut the plant stems short and at an angle so they can take up water more easily. Fill your jar with water and make sure they get plenty of sunlight to keep them going for as long as possible. 

  1. Plant pots

Use your pickling jars as mini plant pots. Fill with soil, some seeds and water. They’re the perfect size for rooting plants that you want to propagate. They’re convenient, pretty and save you a trip to the garden centre. These are perfect to transfer your herb cuttings in once they have rooted!

  1. Recycle them

Hopefully you will use all these ideas to keep reusing your pickling jars for eternity. However if you accumulate too many remember others might want them! Find somewhere to donate them or recycle them alongside other glass items. 




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