By Xanthe Steer

Not just for pickling. Six alternate uses of Pickling Liquid

For any pickle lovers out there like ourselves you may be under the impression that the fun stops when the pickles run out. Wrong! Here at Sylt we care about sustainability, and reusing our pickling juice is all part of the process. By exploring the full range of uses pickling brine can have in the household helps you make the most out of your Sylt pickling liquid and our bespoke flavours give you that added bonus when doing so. So eat your pickles, reuse your brine and recycle your jars because pickling is more than a snack, it's a way of life.

More pickling!

Okay, fell at the first hurdle, but this one is arguably the ideal repurposing of pickling liquid – do it all again.

Due to the acidic nature of the pickle juice, microbes won’t be able to grow in the pickling brine so it won’t spoil and can be kept for a long time. This adds to its sustainability and value as you can reuse your favourite Sylt pickling liquids a couple of times before purchasing more. 


Vinegar is an excellent cooking ingredient that can be used across many dishes. Using our pickling vinegar your cooking comes with the bonus of unique and interesting flavours (in particular after its been used for pickling). Add pzazz to dressings and condiments or use it to balance out creamy rich flavours for that refreshing hint of tang. The opportunities are endless and we are still discovering new creative recipes to incorporate our flavoured pickling juice into. 

Try using it to make some devilled eggs, add it to a potato salad or if you aren’t feeling too peckish, take your cocktails to the next level (like this one, for example).

pickle colada cocktail. garnished with pickled pineapple and lime.

Tenderise meat

Did you know that the juice left over from pickles is excellent for tenderising steak for the most succulent finish? The acidity is perfect for helping tougher cuts slice like butter. Our Sylt brine options also have an added benefit because they contribute a unique flavour to your marinade to add another dimension and elevate your meat. Our favourite choice of Sylt flavour for steaks would have to be the Juniper and Sage combo, which will add a piney sweet taste to your T-bone. 

Clean your copper pans

Pickling juice has excellent cleaning properties. Use the brine to scrub down a grill or get copper pans looking like new again. The acidity helps break down tough dirt and cut through fat for a clean finish and the fact it’s natural and recycled is just a welcome bonus! 

Natural weed killers

Want to get rid of pesky weeds without drenching your garden in nasty chemicals? Pickle juice to the rescue! It will work as well as a lot of store bought weed killers but is more sustainable, uses less plastic and will keep your soil happier.  

Reuse the jars

We are proud to use 100% plastic-free packaging and containers for our pickle juice and though it isn’t technically a use for pickle juice it's still important! So, once you’ve finished using your brine in one of the many glorious ways provided above, you can clean out the jar and use it for whatever takes your fancy. Fill them with food and condiments in the fridge or keep them as spill free  overnight oat containers for your office days.


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