By Aslak Ringhus

Just a splash – how to make the most of your leftover pickling liquid

Have you pickled everything you desire and found yourself with a small quantity of leftover Sylt? There is no need to be alarmed, as there is a plethora of situations where a small amount of pickling liquid can go a long way – and save you from wasting those precious drops.

You can also use both fresh and used pickling liquids for these, but bear in mind that used liquid also takes on some of the flavour of whatever good stuff you have pickled in it.

Make a punchy vinaigrette

The first of our low waste hacks does not only save your Sylt remnants, but can also be used to salvage any leaves or other salad-friendly fruit and veg that is languishing in your fridge. Double whammy!


To your near empty Sylt jar, simply add a dollop of mustard, a good glug of quality olive oil and whatever other ingredients you may have going spare, such as herbs, lemon juice, chilli, or garlic. Give it a good shake before pouring over your salad. Yum.

Make your meat more tender than ever

The acidity in pickling liquid is not only good for preserving produce, it also helps to break down the tougher fibres in meat, and thus making it more tender and juicy. It not only improves the texture, but also the taste of whatever you are cooking – all you need to do is add a tablespoon or two of Sylt to your marinade, and it will do the rest.

Just be aware that the acidity does not need too long to work its magic, so we recommend a marinating time of a couple of hours when utilising Sylt, rather than overnight. It also works the same way with seafood, and if you are lucky enough to have fresh fish and a larger quantity of Sylt available, you can take it to the next level and make a Sylt ceviche.

Take a dip – and make it better

The bright pickling liquid tang also works wonders as a dip ingredient, particularly in creamy concoctions. Much like with meat, it balances out the rich, fatty notes from the creaming agent and brings it all together. Super simple, yet even more delicious.

Become a saucerer

Pickling liquid can help you create some magical sauces too – again bringing that bright, fresh zing to balance out the flavours. Add a splash of Scotch Bonnet & Lemon to your salsa, or some Dill & Mustard to your hollandaise, whatever you do it is a sure-fire way to woo whoever you are feeding.

Clean your non-stick

Let us take a step away from making food and look at how a splash of Sylt can help you in the cleaning up process too. If you are struggling to clean your non-stick pan, simply add a dash of pickling liquid, fire up the heat and firmly rub any persistent debris with a wooden spoon. Soon you will see any debris dislodging, leaving you only a quick rinse and dry away from a squeaky-clean pan.


These tips are some of our favourites, but we are convinced there are plenty more out there, so if you have a little trick to make the most of your leftover pickling liquid, let us know at, and we will send the best idea one of our Great Taste bundles in return.

Happy pickling!


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