Supplying Pickling Liquid to Bakers

Bake with Flavour with Sylt's Pickled Flavours

Calling all bakers and pastry enthusiasts! Are you ready to add a surprising twist to your baked goods and delight your customers with unique flavours? Look no further than Sylt – your trusted partner for pickling that can take your bakery creations to new heights. Let's explore how Sylt's pickled delights can transform your baked treats into irresistible masterpieces.

Baking Brilliance with Sylt

Sylt isn't just your average supplier – we're your secret ingredient for baking brilliance. Established in 2021 by two passionate foodies, Ash Ringhus and Temi Olugbenga, Sylt was born out of a love for pickling. We're committed to providing you with pickling opportunities that not only enhance the flavour of your baked goods but also add a touch of excitement to your recipes.

Unlock the Power of Pickling Liquids

At the core of our offerings are our pickling liquids – the unsung heroes of the baking world. Created with care using only the finest ingredients, our pickled delights bring a burst of flavour and complexity to your baked treats, turning ordinary pastries into extraordinary delights. With Sylt, you are opened up to a world possibilities and create baked goods that stand out from the crowd.

Sylt's Pickling Liquids Selection

Ready to explore our range of pickling liquids? Here's what we have to offer:

  • Dill & Mustard Pickling Vinegar: A pairing that infuses your pickled vegetables with a blend of freshness and tanginess.
  • Scotch Bonnet & Lemon Pickling Vinegar: The fiery heat of scotch bonnet peppers, balanced by the zesty brightness of lemon.
  • Juniper & Sage Pickling Vinegar: Aromatic notes of juniper berries and sage, adding depth and complexity to your pickled creations.
  • Spiced Apple with Cinnamon & Cardamom Pickling Vinegar: The warm embrace of spiced apple, enhanced by the exotic allure of cinnamon and cardamom.
  • Balsamico & Basil Pickling Vinegar: A rich depth of balsamic vinegar paired with the fresh, herbaceous notes of basil.

Inspired Baking with Sylt's Pickled Fruits

Looking for inspiration? Here are some creative ways to use Sylt's pickled fruits in your baking:

  • Cherry Almond Cake: Incorporate pickled cherries into a classic almond cake for a delightful twist on a traditional favourite.
  • Plum and Cardamom Muffins: Infuse pickled plums with fragrant cardamom in tender muffins for a flavourful morning treat.
  • Apple Cinnamon Bread: Fold chopped pickled apples into a cinnamon-spiced batter to create a moist and aromatic loaf that's perfect for breakfast or tea time.
  • Berry Swirl Cheesecake: Swirl pureed pickled berries into creamy cheesecake batter for a stunning dessert that bursts with fruity flavour.

Why Choose Sylt?

What sets Sylt apart as your go-to pickling partner for baking? Here are a few reasons why bakers trust us:

Exceptional Quality: We source the finest fruits and ingredients to ensure that our pickled fruits meet the highest standards of quality and freshness.

Versatility: Our pickled fruits are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of baked goods, from cakes and pies to muffins and pastries.

Consistent Excellence: With Sylt, you can expect consistent excellence in every jar of pickled fruit. We maintain strict quality control standards to ensure that each batch meets exact specifications.

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